BizAv International’s Business Aircraft Operations in South Asia

In the ever-evolving landscape of business aviation, seamless operations are crucial, especially when it comes to foreign-registered aircraft operating within the dynamic regions of India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Bhutan. Enter BizAv International, your trusted ground handling and supervision partner in establishing and managing business aircraft operations with foreign-registered aircraft across South Asia.

Our Comprehensive Services

  • Landing and Overflying Permits: Navigating the complex regulatory environment is our forte. We ensure you have all the necessary permits for your aircraft’s safe and efficient movement at all airports across India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Bhutan.

  • Ground Handling: For distinguished passengers, celebrities, world leaders and heads of states, our ground handling services ensure the highest level of comfort, security, and efficiency during their journey.

  • Slots / PPR Clearance: Securing slots at congested airports can be challenging. We handle the logistics to ensure your aircraft lands and departs on schedule.

  • Parking Approval: Finding a suitable parking spot for your aircraft is essential. We obtain parking approvals to ensure your aircraft is accommodated safely.

  • Customs & Immigration Clearance: Our experts streamline customs and immigration processes, ensuring a smooth transition through borders.

  • Flight Dispatching: From flight planning to execution, our team ensures your flights are meticulously organized, meeting all safety and efficiency standards.

  • Weather Services: Weather can be unpredictable. We provide real-time weather updates and alternative routes to avoid disruptions.

  • Aircraft Security: Safety is our top priority. We offer comprehensive aircraft security solutions to protect your assets and passengers.

  • Catering: From gourmet meals to special dietary requirements, our catering services ensure your passengers are well-fed during their journey.

  • Hotel Reservation: We arrange accommodations that meet your preferences and ensure a comfortable stay for your passengers and crew.

  • Secured Transport: Ground transportation is seamlessly coordinated, offering security and convenience.

  • Aviation Fuel: We provide access to reliable sources of aviation fuel, ensuring your aircraft is fueled and ready for its next leg.

  • Military Clearances: When required, we liaise with military authorities to obtain necessary clearances for your flights.

  • Other Regulatory Clearances: We handle all the intricate regulatory requirements so that you can focus on your mission.

Our Distinguished Clientele

Heads of States

We provide top-tier services to ensure the safety and comfort of leaders and dignitaries.


Our VVIP handling services cater to the unique needs of very important persons, ensuring their journeys are smooth and secure.


We understand the importance of privacy and discretion when serving high-profile individuals.

Fortune 500 Companies

We assist corporate clients in optimizing their business aviation operations for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

World Leaders

Our services have been sought by world leaders for their diplomatic and official visits to the region.

  • BizAv International is your strategic partner in navigating the complexities of business aircraft operations in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Bhutan. Our commitment to excellence, unwavering attention to detail, and dedication to safety make us the preferred choice for discerning clients. When you choose BizAv International, you choose reliability, efficiency, and peace of mind.
  • Experience the pinnacle of business aviation services with BizAv International. Contact us today to elevate your aircraft operations in South Asia. Your journey is our mission, and we’re ready to make it extraordinary.
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