Business Aircraft Ops to Sri Lanka

General Aviation (GA) flights operating into Sri Lanka has to keep in mind peak commercial traffic periods along with potential parking challenges while planning International trip to Sri Lanka.

The following is an overview of what you need to know:

  1. Popular Airports with CIQ facilities in Sri Lanka: VCBI Airport (Colombo airport), VCRI airport (Mattala airport) and VCCC airport (Ratmalana airport).
  2. Landing Permit Lead Time and Requirements: It takes 3 working days to obtain Srilanka Landing permit. Complete flight details along with crew and pax details, route to flown in Srilanka FIR are required to apply for the Sri Lanka landing permit.
  3. Parking considerations in Sri Lanka: Overnight parking at airports in Sri Lanka is available with prior approval only due to limited parking stands. It is recommended to confirm parking arrangements well in advance before operating into Sri Lanka.
  4. Airport slots and PPR in Sri Lanka:When you operate to Sri Lanka slots are required. Slots are requested via e-mail / fax from the airport slot coordinator. This is generally done by the agent or handler on the behalf of operator.
  5. General Aviation Crew Visa Requirements for Sri Lanka :General aviation crew arriving in Sri Lanka can enter on GenDec.
  6. Ground Handler at Sri Lanka: We can assist you with your trip planning i.e. Landing permits, Diplomatic clearance, Ground handling, slots, parking, CIQ coordination, Catering coordination, Aviation Fuel coordination, Ground transportation arrangements, flight dispatch, weather services, hotel arrangements and other GA flight services at Sri Lankan airports.
  7. Tow bar requirements: Power in/self power out parking stands are subject to availability but it is mandatory requirement to carry tow bar on board the aircraft while operating into Sri Lanka. .
  8. Curfew and Restrictions: It is recommended to check GA restriction and curfew before you operate into Sri Lanka.
  9. Aviation Jet Fuel: Fuel facility is available at all International airport in Sri Lanka.
  10. Caterer: Catering, laundry and dish cleaning facility are available with caterers in Sri Lanka
  11. Hotels in Sri Lanka: Good 5 star hotel options are available in the city in Sri Lanka.

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Note: Regulations, watch hours, NOTAM or any other information given in above page are subject to change from time to time, for most latest information please feel free to contact us.