Best Ground Handler at VIDP Airport for G20 Summit in New Delhi.
G20 Summit In New Delhi

The G20 summit, set to take place in New Delhi, India on September 9th and 10th, 2023, is an eagerly anticipated event that aims to address global challenges and promote cooperation among the world’s leading economies. With the theme of ‘One Earth, One Family, One Future,’ this summit underscores the value of every life form on our planet and the intricate interconnectedness that binds us all.

Comprising 19 countries and the European Union, the G20 brings together some of the world’s most influential nations. These include the United States, the United Kingdom, Turkey, South Africa, Japan, Italy, Indonesia, India, France, Germany, China, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, the Russian Federation, Mexico, and the Republic of Korea. Each nation’s participation carries significant weight, contributing to the collective efforts aimed at shaping global policies and fostering economic stability. India has extended invitations to several distinguished Heads of State, recognizing their significant contributions and the potential for meaningful collaboration. Among the invited guests are Bangladesh, Egypt, Mauritius, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Oman, Singapore, Spain, and the United Arab Emirates. Their presence at the G20 summit highlights the commitment to inclusivity and broad-based international cooperation.

As the G20 summit draws near, New Delhi, VIDP Airport anticipates a surge in private aircrafts and charter movements. With an estimated 150,000 international delegates expected to attend the summit, this figure could rise further as invitees choose to bring their families or embark on private trips to expand their business networks. Consequently, the demand for seamless travel logistics, including slots and parking arrangements, will increase, posing a challenge to the already constrained space at VIDP Airport (Delhi Airport).

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With a comprehensive range of services, BizAv International ensures that all flight operations are executed seamlessly during the Heads of State visits at VIDP airport. Their expertise includes VVIP Ground Handling, Landing & Overflight Permits, Slots Clearance, Parking Approvals, Customs & Immigration Coordination, Flight Dispatching, Weather Services, Aircraft Security, Catering, Hotel Reservations, Secured Transport, Aviation Fuel, Military Clearances Coordination, Aviation Consultancy, Aircraft Charter, Flight Supervision & Coordination, and other regulatory clearances.

Amidst the expected surge in private aircrafts and charter movements, BizAv International stands ready to provide exemplary ground handling services at VIDP airport. Their commitment to excellence ensures that the world leaders and delegates attending the G20 summit will experience seamless and efficient operations, fostering a conducive environment for constructive dialogue and meaningful progress toward a shared future.

With New Delhi as the stage, the G20 summit in 2023 promises to strengthen global unity and pave the way for sustainable development, demonstrating the power of collaboration in shaping a better world for all.