Ground Handling Services in India

BizAv International- Your Premier Ground Handling Partner in Corporate Aviation across India. As a leading name in the aviation industry, we take immense pride in providing top-notch General Aviation and Ground Handling services. Our unwavering commitment to excellence has earned us a global reputation, making us the trusted choice for Heads of States, VVIPs, Celebrities, Fortune 500 companies, and World Leaders.

Discover a seamless and comprehensive array of General Aviation Services in India, all under one roof at BizAv International. Our dedicated services cover every aspect of your aviation needs:

Ramp Handling in India:

Efficient handling from baggage to marshalling, chocks, cones, parking, airport slots, PPR, aircraft pushback, towing, loading, unloading, cabin cleaning, material storage, catering coordination, fuel coordination, ground power units (GPU), air-starter units (ASU), air-conditioning units (ACU), ramp to flight-deck communications, toilet services, and water servicing.

Passenger Handling in India:

Exceptional passenger experiences with services like passenger boarding bridge, meet & greet, check-in, boarding assistance, FBO handling, and VIP lounge access.

Cargo Handling in India:

Reliable cargo solutions including general cargo, warehouse management, cargo build-up and breakdown, live animals, special cargo, perishable cargo, mail cargo, odd-size cargo, heavy machinery, human remains, tissue and organ cargo, and dangerous goods (DGR) handling.

Supervision and Ground-Handling Service in India:

Our seasoned professionals ensure seamless coordination and supervision of all ground-handling operations, ensuring the highest standards of safety and efficiency.

Slots Clearance in India:

We navigate the intricacies of slot clearances, ensuring timely and optimized flight schedules for your convenience.

Parking Approval in India:

Our expertise in securing parking approvals guarantees hassle-free arrangements for your aircraft.

Customs and Immigration Assistance:

Streamlined support for hassle-free customs and immigration processes.

Load Control and Documentation:

Precise load control, weight and balance calculations, and comprehensive flight documentation.

Jet A1 Fuelling Services in India:

We provide expertly supervised, competitive fuel price, and efficient fueling services to keep your operations running smoothly.

Aircraft Cleaning in India:

Thorough cleaning for both aircraft interiors and exteriors.

Flight Support Services in India:

Comprehensive support including NOTAM updates, Flight Planning, weather information, and flight documentation.

Lounge Access and Airside Transport:

Exclusive lounge access for VIPs and crew, along with airside transport for passengers and crews.

InFlight Catering Services in India:

Savor an exquisite culinary experience with our customized catering arrangements, and air catering to your unique preferences.

Crew Visa Assistance in India:

Our committed team is here to support you in acquiring a crew visa and provide guidance throughout the process, taking you through each step systematically.

Ground Transportation and Concierge Services in India:

Rely on our efficient transport services, providing seamless ground transportation to and from the airport.

Aircraft Security Services in India:

Our vigilant security services ensure your safety and peace of mind throughout your time at any Airport in India.

Meet and Assist Services in India:

Our dedicated team is at your service, providing personalized assistance to meet your specific needs.

India Landing Permit:

Facilitating your seamless entry into India. We handle all formalities associated with obtaining India Landing Permits.

India Overflying Permit:

We navigate the regulatory process, securing India Overflying Permits for your smooth transit through the airspace.

Live Process Updates:

Real-time updates to keep you informed throughout all processes.

At BizAv International, we are committed to providing unparalleled service, ensuring your aviation experience is seamless and stress-free. 

Contact us today on or (24x7) +91-93 11 11 11 96 to elevate your ground handling experience to new heights.